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i am a 21 year old goth chick who likes to draw. i like ill will press johnny the homicidal maniac tim burton And other creepy stuff.I love the colors purple blue and black.
oh and i like teriyaki stuffs.

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how to be goth( a users guide to simple goth)

Posted by Stars-Dreams-Screams - 1 month ago

ok so this is my simple guide to being goth my style of goth is easy.


black just wear all black matching blacks does not really matter just wear black

yes you can wear hoodies yes you can wear accent colors red blue purple green yellow heck even pink

you don't have to dress to the nines every day to be goth.get fish net armmings or a fishnet top to wear under tee-shirts.

#2 makeup

you'll need 4 things.dark lipstick black eyeliner black eyeshadow and black mascara

for the boys (if you don't wanna wear mascara or lip stick just do racoon eyes with the black liner and eye shadow)

for the girls grab the black eye liner and cover the entire lid of both you're eyes and you're water lid next use the black eyeshadow and cover both lids with it and under the eyes as well(bottom lashes area) next add the mascara and if you don't have dark lip stick use the eyeliner and use it like lipstick then add any colored lipstick of you're choice.

#3 hair/accessories

if you have brown hair dye it black if you have blond hair dye it any unatural color and if you have ginger hair dye is red

hair spray use hair spay a curling iorn and fringe your hair if its short(like shaggy pixie or bob)

as for accessories get creative shop during halloween buy lots of black nail polish from dollarama (it's what i do)

skulls moons and cats work well together spikes and chains also work together pentacles black crosses anything that gives off a dark and moody vibe works.

#4 music

you must know goth bands but yes you can like and listen to non-goth bands

my top bands are


Three days grace


within temptation

papa roach)(i like them they are good)

my other top goth bands

(Siouxie and the banshees

The cure


The sisters of mercy

Alien sex fiend

London after midnight

Christian death

Skeletal family

The march violets

Sex Gang Children)

That is most of the goth post punk dark wave stuff just look up gothic mix on youtube and you'll have good music to vibe too.Metal/grunge/post punk/ and cold wave.

#5 Aesthetic

drink lot's of coffee

you don't have to smoke

be dark and creep on the outside but be nice one the inside like if people treat you like shit be super nice to them it creeps them out lol.

don't act like a prick thats not what goth is about


have fun enjoy the darkness and death make friends and have fun.



Comments (6)

i will be a goth now this guide is top notch

good to know you found it helpful :)

you have my deepest gratitude for making this post, Goth lives matter!

you are very welcome and i am always happy to help

I'm the least goth guy on the planet, but the music choice is legit :) maybe I'll be goth now.

well if you do join the goth squad we'd be happy to have you :D

a gothic


as a mid tier goth, I approve


(pst, you should listen to Heavens: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=umbKL2j_nMI&list=PL88557396E44D40EA&index=2)

ok i will