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i am a 21 year old metalhead grunge goth who likes to draw. i like 70s-80s heavy metal ill will press johnny the homicidal maniac Tim Burton And other creepy stuff.I love the colours purple blue and black.
oh and i like teriyaki stuffs.

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Posted by Stars-Dreams-Screams - 3 weeks ago

round and round

stuck in this place

world on fire

ashes we taste

skys black as coal

thunder will crack

acid rain falls

burning our backs

forever lost here

in a world so cold

they'd burn us all

for their own fill

this year will end

not like it began

i hope we live on

till this world ends.


Posted by Stars-Dreams-Screams - December 11th, 2020

just to let you all know for the past month i have been converting to norse paganism and i've order some books on the belief and it feels great.Im a new comer to this but i'm enjoying it alot and i have full embraced my inner pagan i've chosen Hel as the godess i will worship out of all the norse gods and godesses.So i wish you all a happy solstice and a festive yule.be safe don't get sick and be happy


Posted by Stars-Dreams-Screams - December 9th, 2020

anyone else craving chicken nuggets and sweet and sour bbq sauce and also a crap tone of teriyaki wings?


Posted by Stars-Dreams-Screams - November 30th, 2020

i got some kfc yesterday so yay and i woke up to both my cats and my dog cuddling me it was nice.My mom got me an iorn maiden t shirt and some spicy noodles so that was good. i made a new friend her name is keerie and she's really sweet.I also bought some sugar plum tea it's sooooo good.i also bought 3 more bottles of black nail polish and some dark blue lipstick.so today was good.Next week i'm going gift shopping for my family and for my pets.Im now having online sessions with my therapist.


Posted by Stars-Dreams-Screams - November 25th, 2020

So i've been feeling a little better i was dealing with stuff but thats over and done with now.

my spiked bracelets came in the mail and so did my earings and eyeliner i'm having a good day and i'm eating some take-out asian food so yay.I also gave my room a good cleaning and i reranged every thing.I cut my hair and i'm gonna be re-dyeing it soon so yay.I'll start doing daily updates from now on.Talk to you all tomorrow.

stay gothic stay creepy stay dark and spooky.



Posted by Stars-Dreams-Screams - November 13th, 2020

I feel alone like i'm stuck at the bottom of a deep lake.This darkness this coldness i don't like it.It's different that my normal gothic darkness this feels .....cold.......cold dead and numb.....


Posted by Stars-Dreams-Screams - October 29th, 2020

Here are some good tips for new goths/ baby bats.

1:A true goth never admits that they are goth.(i remember hearing that so i stick by it.)

2: If you are wearing white face makeup put it past you're neck.Do not use clown white makeup or white face paint.it does not look good.

3:If you don't like traditional goth music at least become familiar with the classic artists so you don't look like a noob.

4:Do not mistake Emo music for goth music they are very different from each other.

5:mix up textures with you're black clothing combine cotton with lace pvc with fur velvet with leather.who needs color when you have texture.

6:Goths and Emos are 100% not the same thing.

7: Don't wear religious symbols you don't know the meaning of.And don't wear band T-shirts you've never heard of.

8:I don't know you're family but don't just expect them to be cool with the whole goth thing.Ease in to it slowly it will make it easier for you're family to accept it.

9:If people yell stupid and hurtful things at you in public ignore it they are just angry that they can be as cool as you.Unless they give you a complement then say thank you.

10:Be nice to everyone.Unfortunately the public will assume bad things about you so you do have to make an extra effort to show them that you are not a bad person.

11:learn how to sew. i have altered lots of my clothes to make them look gothic so try it.



Posted by Stars-Dreams-Screams - October 29th, 2020

So today i did my lil sisters makeup for school they do this costume thing so i gave her messy buns half purple hair and made her look like a Lyida Beetlejuce fusion she loved it.Halloween is the shit and it embraces the dark creepy and macabre but yeah to me halloween is the best thing ever you get to dress weird you get free candy and it gives off this fun vibe like when you see halloween stuff in september you don't feel irritated.I'm taking my sister out trick of treating on saturday so that will be fun and after were gonna watch corpse bride or a nightmare before christmas this will be so fun.

this is a short blog but its more of an update so yeah be safe everyone don't get sick and embrace you're inner darkling.


Posted by Stars-Dreams-Screams - October 28th, 2020

you will need

two table spoons of strawberry jam

one table spoon of mashed garlic

one cup of ketchup

two table spoons of soya sauce

one table spoon of honey mustard

two spoons of sweet chilli heat

and one teaspoon of sriracha

mix it all together in a container with a spoon

this can be used on any meet

use it for stir fry bbq oven cooking anything

enjoy i guess

every time i use it my family loves it so i thought id share it


Posted by Stars-Dreams-Screams - October 27th, 2020

ok so this is my simple guide to being goth my style of goth is easy.


black just wear all black matching blacks does not really matter just wear black

yes you can wear hoodies yes you can wear accent colors red blue purple green yellow heck even pink

you don't have to dress to the nines every day to be goth.get fish net armmings or a fishnet top to wear under tee-shirts.

#2 makeup

you'll need 4 things.dark lipstick black eyeliner black eyeshadow and black mascara

for the boys (if you don't wanna wear mascara or lip stick just do racoon eyes with the black liner and eye shadow)

for the girls grab the black eye liner and cover the entire lid of both you're eyes and you're water lid next use the black eyeshadow and cover both lids with it and under the eyes as well(bottom lashes area) next add the mascara and if you don't have dark lip stick use the eyeliner and use it like lipstick then add any colored lipstick of you're choice.

#3 hair/accessories

if you have brown hair dye it black if you have blond hair dye it any unatural color and if you have ginger hair dye is red

hair spray use hair spay a curling iorn and fringe your hair if its short(like shaggy pixie or bob)

as for accessories get creative shop during halloween buy lots of black nail polish from dollarama (it's what i do)

skulls moons and cats work well together spikes and chains also work together pentacles black crosses anything that gives off a dark and moody vibe works.

#4 music

you must know goth bands but yes you can like and listen to non-goth bands

my top bands are


Three days grace


within temptation

papa roach)(i like them they are good)

my other top goth bands

(Siouxie and the banshees

The cure


The sisters of mercy

Alien sex fiend

London after midnight

Christian death

Skeletal family

The march violets

Sex Gang Children)

That is most of the goth post punk dark wave stuff just look up gothic mix on youtube and you'll have good music to vibe too.Metal/grunge/post punk/ and cold wave.

#5 Aesthetic

drink lot's of coffee

you don't have to smoke

be dark and creep on the outside but be nice one the inside like if people treat you like shit be super nice to them it creeps them out lol.

don't act like a prick thats not what goth is about


have fun enjoy the darkness and death make friends and have fun.