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i am a 22 year old metalhead grunge goth who likes to draw. i like 70s-80s heavy metal ill will press johnny the homicidal maniac Tim Burton And other creepy stuff.I love the colours teal blue and black.
oh and i like teriyaki stuffs.💀💀💀🦇🦇🦇

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Posted by Stars-Dreams-Screams - October 25th, 2020

So it is 8:17 in the morning i've got my coffee and i ate a blueberry pop tart.I woke up around 7:30 i took a hot shower washed my hair my indigo hair is fading faster than i would've liked but now its like a washed out jeans.But i kind of like it but anyway right now i'm reading JTHM and is gorey and creepy.Ok so my VHS player broke so that sucks but everything sucks this earth we live on is more like a floating ball of demonic trash and don't get me started on the humans. In my eyes there are two different types of people.Two species under one name HUMAN separated only by the workings of their minds one is human only in appearance a clever disguise for a simple animal.The real humans are harder to find.Sometimes it's easy to feel like you are suffocating in a wold where the rotten ones is all you'll know but don't ever lose your clarity. Never forget that these things exist in all places in all colors. Just recognize this and know that you are better there is nothing wrong with feeling above those sacks which are so obviously fucked up.Of course these are my opinions likely to be just as flawed as anyone else's........wow i got side tracked sorry.....but my point still stands....every thing is fucked.....but some people are a little less fucked up the the others......i'll give another update later i guess


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I don't know why I stumbled upon your page. I never look through the news feed, but I felt a little bored. "Two species under one name Human separated..." I find this to be true especially where many humans will like to dress themselves up to be considered more than the simple animals that is innately within us. The only difference of opinion is that I am no better than a pig, and neither is anyone else. The trait that angers me in people is pride. Hence I tend to have an implicit bias towards those in executive positions. But we all tend to have a bit of pride in ourselves.
Also VHS (rip) and poptarts... reminds me of growing up in the 90s.
Prefer the cinnamon and cherry

lol i get odd when i rant but its good to know you understand not many people do.you and i are rare human beings and i'm happy that i'm not the only person who thinks like this.Also yeah VHS rip i've got a shit ton of VHS moves like beetle juice the craft the crow blade the old batman films pulp fiction and other shit. Cinnamon and cherry pop tarts are good though haha i'm 21 so i guess i'm kinda of a 90's kid.I like your vibe and aura and you seem like someone who i can actually talk to with out being called nihilistic or freak lol so thanks for responding if you wanna continue contact just messege me ok also stay safe out there the world is fucked up so be safe.